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We Make It Possible

We Remove the Most Difficult Barriers to Entry

We Make It Possible

We Remove the Most
Difficult Barriers to Entry

Roadblocks: Eliminated

So, you’ve looked into starting a title company—and now you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Our system simplifies starting, running and owning a title company. From underwriter approval and wire fraud mitigation to fully compliant software and cyber security, we provide the expertise and support you need.

Proliant Settlement Systems Has The Answers

Eliminating Obstacles

Streamlined Underwriter Approval
  • With our strong underwriter relationships, Proliant has developed an exclusive streamlined underwriting application process to fast track your approval as an appointed agent.
Expert Training and Coaching
  • We provide extensive on-site formal training from business analysts and other functional specialists on a variety of subjects, from basic sales training, commitment and policy preparation, closing document workup, and everything along the way. Our “incubator” setting allows for hands-on coaching by industry peers who speak your language.
Simplified Title Research
  • Your new agency can rely on Proliant’s experienced staff to provide expert title research in a format that allows you to efficiently and confidently serve your customers.
State-of-the-Art Software
  • Our model includes customized, cutting-edge technology that serves our franchise community, and our IT staff oversees all updates and revisions to ensure quality. Using our cloud-based infrastructure frees you from IT headaches. Our first-in-the-nation franchise platform allows you to quickly on-board new users without having to build your own software.
Turnkey IT Infrastructure IT Security and Infrastructure
  • Creating and maintaining a reliable, efficient, and robust IT Infrastructure can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our model nearly eliminates this cost. As a Proliant franchisee, you’ll have access to our secure IT infrastructure and integrated title-closing software that minimizes your investments, reduces overhead, and allows you to focus on your closings.
  • Wire Fraud Protection
  • Our best-in-class software allows you to verify wiring instructions to mitigate the risk of wire fraud during the closing process.
Check Fraud Protection
  • All franchisees benefit from an integrated check Positive Pay service that provides early detection of any fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks. This process verifies that checks honored for payment are the legitimate checks you have issued from your account and virtually eliminates check fraud.
Escrow Accounting
  • We know that balancing an escrow account is time-consuming and tedious for any title company. That’s why we balance the escrow accounts for our franchisees. With daily reconciliation, you’ll shine with your underwriter and auditors as our system provides file-level accounting for settlement, recording, and emittance funds. You’ll know how every penny comes and goes for each closing.
Underwriter Contract Compliance
  • You have direct access to our three decades of industry experience, an unmatched software solution, and comprehensive policy systems to guide your staff through any and all business requirements. In other words, you won’t be bogged down by the complex reporting process. We handle your underwriter reporting—all behind the scenes.
Trailing Policy Requirements
  • As an appointed agent of your underwriter, you are required to promptly issue title insurance policies as soon as the necessary requirements are met. Our integrated software tracks and prompts users when policies are ready to be delivered.
Underwriter Remittance Tracking
  • Like clockwork, we’ll submit reports and premium revenue on your behalf to your underwriter.

Our Back-Office Services Are Here For You

Our Back-Office Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

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Title Production

Quality Control

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