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Proliant Settlement Systems announced today its adoption of the nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution, CertifID. In response to the fastest growing cybercrime in the U.S. – with over $90 Billion in attempted losses reported from June 2016 to December 2018 – this partnership will provide critical financial protection to all Proliant Settlement Systems franchisees.

CertifID protects the transfer of funds by allowing title agencies to confirm the identity of all parties in a transaction and securely send and confirm wiring instructions before funds are transferred. The platform uses proprietary digital device analysis and knowledge-based authentication sequencing to verify the identity of both parties engaging in a wire transaction.

“Our company’s competitive advantage is to radically simplify starting, owning and running a successful Title Agency. Integrating CertifID into our model provides franchisees with simple and effective wire fraud mitigation,” said Michael Strat, President of Proliant Settlement Systems. “Our goal is to keep our franchisees safe and successful in operating their business. Delivering this capability to our family of companies is a game-changer. We’re excited to add CertifID to the growing list of benefits we provide to our franchisee Title Agents.”

“Proliant is taking a significant step to protect its franchisees from wire fraud losses,” said Tom Cronkright, CEO and co-founder of CertifID. “Current best practices in the industry are not keeping pace with the velocity and sophistication of wire fraud attacks. By leveraging our technology and resources, Proliant is taking a stand against wire fraud for its franchisees across the country.”

About Proliant Settlement Systems

Proliant Settlement Systems is a turnkey title company ownership system that offers qualified entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their own title company, complete with all the financial and operational advantages. The Proliant system effectively eliminates the traditional, and often difficult, barriers to entry. Learn more at http://www.proliantsms.com.

About CertifID

CertifID is the leading real-time identity verification software platform for real estate, mortgage, and title industry professionals. Its proprietary system protects businesses and consumers from fraud by quickly and effectively authenticating all parties in a transaction and securely transfers bank account information. CertifID can safeguard the life savings of buyers and the liquidity of businesses and guarantees each wire transfer up to $1,000,000. Learn more at http://www.certifid.com.