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What We Provide

Get started faster than you ever imagined
with our turnkey title company franchise solution.

What We Provide

Get started faster than you ever imagined
with our turnkey title company franchise solution.

It’s Your Title Company

The name on the door is yours; you own it. What Proliant provides is everything from software and technology infrastructure to processing and consultation. From the customer’s perspective, your company provides a full service real estate solution.

Proliant offers all the support you need

IT Infrastructure

Given the extreme prominence of consumer data safekeeping and the repercussions for those who fail to do so, creating and maintaining a reliable, efficient, and robust IT infrastructure platform can costs tens of thousands of dollars for a start-up agency. Hardware, data encryption, software, cloud-storage, security policies, and staff all must work in coordination to form a compliant financial services environment.

As a franchise owner, you get all the benefits of these investments and system development time without the up-front price tag: your Agency operates as an independent company under the infrastructure umbrella that Proliant Settlement Systems has already created. Scalable to your Agency’s size and needs, our comprehensive IT platform joins all the necessary tech elements to get you up and running with a minimum of effort: plug in, log-on, and go!

Pre-Launch Training

New users will receive extensive on-site formal training from business process analysts and other functional specialists on a variety of subjects: from basic Sales Training, to Best Practices, Closing Workup, commitment and policy preparation, and everything in-between. Our “incubator” setting allows for hands-on teaching by industry peers who speak your language.

While there is no substitute for positional experience, Proliant Settlement Systems has developed a comprehensive title and settlement services work-flow methodology that relies on pre-built (but customizable) action lists that guide users through the life cycle of a transaction. Franchisee users will come to master their areas of responsibility with confidence with a drastically shortened learning curve.

Back Office Title Production

Proliant staff will receive and acknowledge your new title order within moments of your request. Once in the work queue, each requested property is researched by veteran title staff who will prepare a typed title report for you. Upon completion, this report will be electronically delivered back to your office where you will perform examining duties and commitment preparation. An inter-software feedback loop is available for revisions or updates as needed and, when satisfied, with a few clicks you’ll create and electronically deliver your agency’s branded title commitment to your customer.

Quality Control Reviews

An exclusive feature of our first-in the-nation franchise platform, franchise owners and Underwriters love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that critical actions in the title and settlement process get a sophisticated quality control review from Proliant – eliminating errors and awkward misunderstandings before you get to the closing table!

Done correctly, quality control drives to quality assurance – setting you apart from competitors in the market-place.

Post Closing Duties

While the closing table appears as the final step in a long process, you’ll come to know that much necessary work happens after everyone lays down their pens from the last signed closing document. However, benefiting from our “we’ll take from here” approach, Franchise owners can rest easy knowing that vital operations necessary to close out the file (payoffs, escrows, recordings, updates, etc.) are all tracked and overseen by Proliant staff, guaranteeing a compliant start-to-finish experience for you and the consumer.

Ongoing Support

A franchise investment offers no benefit if it fails to offer owners the strategic, accurate, and procedural support and necessary conditions for success of the business. We understand that title company ownership may require a new set of skills for you and your staff. We’re here to help you grow these skills beginning on Day One and continuing whenever and however you’ll need assistance.

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