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What We Provide

A Turnkey Solution

What We Provide

A Turnkey Solution

It’s Your Company

The name on the door? It’s yours. You own the company; we provide the back-end support. Our private-label system provides everything from software and technology infrastructure to processing and consultation. From the customer’s perspective, your company provides full-service title solutions.
Proliant offers all the support you need

IT Infrastructure

As a franchise owner, you get all the benefits of a fully compliant, up-to-date, secure IT infrastructure without the up-front cost—your company operates as an independent company using the Proliant Settlement Systems IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive IT platform is scalable to your company’s size and needs and joins all necessary tech elements to get you up and running in an instant. It’s included with your initial investment.

Pre-Launch Training

New users receive extensive on-site training from business process analysts and other functional specialists on a variety of subjects: basic sales training, commitment and policy preparation, closing document workup, and everything along the way.

While there is no substitute for experience, our comprehensive title and settlement software is intuitive and guides users through the entire transaction with ease. With a short learning curve, franchisee users will quickly master their areas of responsibility with confidence.

Back-Office Title Production

Proliant staff receive and acknowledge your new title order within moments of your request. Each requested property is then researched by our veteran title staff who prepares a typed title report for you. When the report is ready, we will electronically deliver it back to your office. Once you receive the report, you will perform examining duties and commitment preparation. Our software also makes it easy for you to revise or update your title commitment as needed. When it’s ready, you electronically deliver your agency’s branded title commitment to your customer with just a few clicks.

Quality Control Reviews

Proliant provides a comprehensive quality control review to help eliminate errors and awkward misunderstandings before you get to the closing table. Quality control leads to quality assurance and sets you apart from your competitors.

Centralized Processing

As a Proliant franchisee, you’ll have access to our subject matter experts to help you with centralized processing tasks. Our team will organize all documents, settlements, and closing disclosures to help you prepare for the closing table.

Post-Closing Duties

While the closing table appears as the final step in a long process, a large portion of the work happens after every document is signed. That’s where our “we’ll take it from here” approach comes in. We’ll take care of the vital operations necessary to close out the file—payoffs, escrow, wire processing, recording, updates, and more, are all performed and tracked by Proliant staff. We guarantee a seamless experience for you and your customer from start to finish.

Ongoing Support

We understand that title insurance company ownership may require a new set of skills for you and your staff. From simple tasks to complex processes, we’re your first line of support. We have the tools and resources to help you grow your skills the moment you open the doors and provide continuing support whenever you need it.

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