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About Us

There is no substitute for experience.

About Us

There is no substitute for experience.

The founding partners of Proliant Settlement Systems have spent years identifying, developing and perfecting a title agency franchise platform that all but eliminates the traditional barriers to entry in our industry. Read on to see how they did it.

The group’s first venture, North American Title Agency, was founded in 1987 with business being conducted on a dining room table of the mother of one of the partners. Eventually, the start-up conceived by Michael Strat and Richard Parsons — soon joined by John Apostol — moved into a small office in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, initially leasing fewer than 800 square feet of space.

The partners of the firm soon gained valuable experience by observing the challenges and shortcomings the larger and more established title insurance companies faced in delivering services in accordance with their client’s expectations.

To compete, the agency operated using a streamlined process that was cost-effective, efficient and profitable. As owners of the company, they had the power and flexibility to not only tweak existing systems, but to overhaul them completely, minimizing red tape and eliminating unnecessary procedural steps.

This was the partnership’s first affirmation of its business philosophy: development of efficient, streamlined systems and processes, improves profitability while simultaneously freeing time and resources to better service clientele.

Then came the refinance booms of the early ‘90s. As other title companies struggled to meet the high quantity of work, North American Title focused on the quality of service provided and again developed responsive, proactive and extremely efficient processes to meet the increased demand. The management team, joined by Robert Considine in 1998, fostered a dynamic and dedicated team with progressive business systems, which allowed the company to excel at servicing demanding clientele with efficiency and with a high level of customer satisfaction.

In January 2000, North American Title merged with a portion of industry leader First American Title, establishing First American’s Southeast Michigan Division. The Underwriter hoped to leverage North American‘s forward-thinking solutions and processes, utilizing the latest technology available and employing a higher level of customer service.

The partners from North American Title managed to overhaul antiquated systems, processes and customer service methods, increasing the company’s volume from 2,000 orders per month to more than 10,000 orders per month. In addition, they helped turn First American Title’s $2 million in annual losses into $8.4 million in annual profit, and tripled company efficiency as to production per person.

Take control of your future by owning a Title Company.