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As an attorney, Julian Sesi gained a wealth of knowledge in the real estate world, working with various lenders and title companies. It was only natural that he would begin to seriously consider starting his own title agency. When the time was right, he turned to Proliant Settlement Systems to make this goal a reality.

In October of 2020, Sesi, along with his father, Ramy Sesi, and business partners Shaun Mansour and Jason Alkamano, opened the doors to new Proliant franchise Vital Title in Farmington Hills, Mich. With their expertise in the sale and transfer of residential and commercial real estate, Sesi and his partners could now offer additional services to their current and future client base.

According to Sesi, Proliant has supported the success of Vital Title from day one, eliminating barriers that often confound title companies when getting up and running. “It was a very easy, streamlined process,” says Sesi. “There were no concerns or confusion with Proliant.”

In addition, Sesi says the ongoing support and training Vital Title has received from Proliant is invaluable and a driving force behind the agency’s decision to partner with the franchisor. “They have held up their end of the deal on support.” he says, “As we grow, they grow with us.”

Proliant has walked Vital Title through each step of launching and operating its business, providing title production support that includes software and technology infrastructure, processing, and consultation — allowing Vital Title to offer full-service title solutions while appearing to clients as its own entity.

Plus, Proliant has enabled Vital Title to be profitable even in the early stages. The new franchise has been so successful, in fact, that Sesi doesn’t foresee becoming an independent licensed agent. “I don’t see a benefit to it,” he says.

Sesi’s experience as an attorney helped him create a business model focused on real estate closings handled securely and swiftly. It’s his relationship with Proliant, however, that has allowed him to provide the best customer experience possible — influencing his transition from practicing law full time to growing his title agency.

“The title agency is now like my baby and I’m really focused on growing it, continuing to solicit business and grow the agency,” he says.

With Proliant providing all the tools and expertise necessary for success, Vital Title is able to give each of its customers’ closings the personal attention they need. It’s a relationship with financial and operational advantages, but, more importantly, built on mutual respect.

“I don’t consider us as the typical franchisor/franchisee relationship; it’s more like they are our partners,” says Sesi. “That’s how we’ve been treated by them and that’s how we treat them.”