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If you work in the real estate industry, you might’ve thought once or twice about starting your own title company. And rightfully so! Owning your own title company gives you control over a greater portion of your client’s experience and the level of service at closing, while also providing additional revenue and profit.

But starting a title company can seem like a daunting task, and many people don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’ve already Googled “how to start a title company,” and experienced the avalanche of search results that leave you more confused than enlightened. That’s where Proliant comes in. With our proven franchise model, we can lead the way to title company ownership.

A Simple Path to Owning a Title Company

Proliant’s founding partners have spent years identifying, developing, and perfecting a title agency franchise platform that eliminates most of the traditional barriers to entry into the industry.

Starting a Proliant title company franchise starts by contacting us and quickly leads to your own title company, ready to roll.

Underwriter Approval

One of the biggest roadblocks that people face is underwriter approval. Proliant has deep relationships with most of the national underwriters, which allows people who have never been in the title industry to seek appointment after undergoing our title training. Proliant assistant in the underwriter appointment process.

Ongoing Support for You and Your Team

A common challenge when starting a title company is experience. Do you have the knowledge and expertise to overcome any obstacle? Can you find, hire, or even afford a team of experts? When you consider the significant capital investments, burdensome compliance complexities, IT and IT security demands, and consumer protection requirements—opening a title company may seem more like a pipe dream than a potential reality. But when you partner with Proliant, you’ll have a huge advantage—and we’ll help you turn your dream into a reality.

As a franchisee, you’ll have access to our team of title professionals that will assist you through the entire settlement process. For starters, Proliant eliminates many of the hiring challenges you might otherwise face. With Proliant, you’ll have direct access to our entire team of title professionals—from handling your IT needs and centralized processing to back-office production and post-closing duties, our team is your team.

Additionally, our efficient processes, subject matter expertise, and industry-leading software will also provide you with flexibility for the natural ebbs and flows of the business. When you’re busy, our veteran staff provides the support you’ll need. When things slow down, you won’t have to incur the overhead expenses associated with a full staff. Plus, Proliant fees are only paid when there is work to be done – helping you maximize your revenue, margins, and profits.

Training and Coaching Support

Proliant provides extensive on-site formal training on numerous title-industry subjects, delivered by business analysts and other functional specialists. And our “incubator” setting allows for hands-on coaching by industry peers who speak your language, know your challenges, and can help you achieve your goals.

Focus on Clients, Sales, and Marketing

As Proliant takes on the complex back-office functions of your title company, you and your staff can focus your efforts on providing excellent front-line service and strengthening your client relationships. As a franchisee, you create the schedule, you control the follow-up, and you deliver the service levels that your clients expect—i.e., you won’t have to worry about how a separate title company would be handling the follow up for your clients since you’ll be handling it yourself. You’ll also be able to give your clients more one-on-one attention and make sure you’re answering any questions or concerns they might have.

Your Brand is YOU

Unlike most franchise agreements, with Proliant, your brand is exclusive to you—the name on the door is yours. Proliant is here to support your business, not define it. We’re here to help to guide you through the process, but this is your business, not ours. With us handling the production support, you can focus your time on sales and marketing to help your business grow.

Don’t let fear hold you back from starting your own title company. Trust Proliant to guide you every step of the way.