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Offering an alternative to conventional start-up difficulties, Proliant Settlement Systems, LLC has perfected a franchise model that now dramatically simplifies starting, owning, and operating a successful title agency. The company was founded by title industry veterans Michael Strat, Robert Considine, Richard Parsons, and John Apostol, and together, they have spent years developing a title company franchise platform that eliminates the traditional barriers to title company ownership. “With this streamlined process,” Executive Vice President Robert Considine notes, “we have allowed many different industry professionals to own and operate their own title company with ease.”

“We wanted to design a better way for starting and operating title companies for people who don’t have the depth or resources to do it the traditional way,” said Executive Vice President Richard Parsons. “For example, Proliant’s secure IT infrastructure and integrated title-closing software, minimizes your investments, and reduces overhead that allows franchisees to focus on their closings and their clients. Additionally, Proliant’s best-in-class software verifies wiring instructions to mitigate the risk of wire fraud during the closing process”.

General Counsel John Apostol said, “Real estate is still ruled by local customs. Since Proliant’s franchisees are well established in their local communities—as real estate brokers, attorneys, mortgage lenders, and title professionals—they’re able to provide excellent customer services to the people that trust them”. He adds that, “through Proliant’s franchise model, these professionals can focus most of their time on sales and marketing to grow their brand to deliver exceptional service.”

Looking toward the future, President Michael Strat says that “the Proliant model is going to continue to use advanced technology and title production services to simplify the role of the title agent so they can focus on service and relationship building.”

With plans to expand to other states in 2022, Proliant is committed to partnering with franchisees who have a strong entrepreneurial resolve, and the drive to build and maintain a solid book of business to grow their Agency.


About Proliant Settlement Systems, LLC:
Proliant Settlement Systems, LLC is a turnkey title company ownership system that offers qualified entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their own title company, complete with all the financial and operational advantages. The Proliant franchise model effectively eliminates the traditional, and often difficult, barriers to entry.