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Proliant Settlement Systems, LLC is pleased to continue its trend of successful expansion with the addition of new franchisee Aegis Title Partners — a full-service title and real estate settlement service provider with offices in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Apollo Beach, Fla., with plans to relocate its Florida office to Winter Park in early 2022. Aegis strives to give all of its customers’ closings a high level of service and personal attention.


According to franchise owner Matt Jones, CEO of Aegis Title Partners, the recent boom in the mortgage industry and increase in refinancing made it an opportune time to join the Proliant franchise community. “We looked into starting a title company affiliate and chose Proliant because it had the infrastructure that made sense as a franchise partner,” he said. “We saw it as a chance not only to capture more value, but also to streamline and improve the customer’s experience.”


For Jones, the benefits of Proliant’s groundbreaking turnkey franchise system are far reaching, allowing him to deliver a high-quality closing experience regardless of loan type. “Title companies tend to put refinancing on the backburner because the margin isn’t as large, and therefore it is neglected”, he said. “I saw Proliant as an opportunity to prioritize that type of file and make sure it’s done right — streamlining the process for all involved, from borrowers to our lending partner.”


In addition, the Proliant model, which provides back-office support and industry specific training, gives Aegis the financial operational advantages and support systems to operate more efficiently.


“The advantage that Proliant provides is getting started quickly and taking on a lot of the potential risks that are inherent in the business as it relates to potential claims, cybersecurity and wire fraud, and getting appointed by an underwriter,” explained Jones. “Those are all hurdles that ordinarily you would face starting up on your own, not to mention the experience that would be necessary. Proliant covers those things and makes it all possible.”


Michael Telford, Executive Vice President of Proliant Settlement Systems, said “Proliant’s partnership with Aegis helps get real estate transactions across the finish line — and is uniquely beneficial for customers who are refinancing. With Matt Jones being a mortgage lender, and then adding Aegis as the title company affiliate, it was a great opportunity to manage the process of closing their client’s mortgages. Proliant looks forward to supporting the success of Aegis and its entire team.”




About Aegis Title Partners

Aegis Title Partners is a full-service title and real estate settlement provider that operates in Michigan and Florida. At Aegis, the goal is to make the closing process a smooth one for clients who are buying, selling, or refinancing. Whether it’s a residential home, investment property, commercial building, manufactured home, or vacant land, the experienced staff at Aegis will ensure the closing process is handled properly and in a professional manner.


About Proliant Settlements, LLC

Proliant Settlements, LLC is a turnkey title company ownership system that offers qualified entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their own title company, complete with all the financial and operational advantages. The Proliant system effectively eliminates the traditional, and often difficult, barriers to entry.