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Many people think that they would love to open a small business and be their own boss. They think that being their own boss comes with the freedom to do what they want, when they want, while still running a profitable business. That’s partially true but being a small business owner is demanding and requires many different skills—and a hardworking attitude. No matter what industry you are in, there are some essential skills and traits that all entrepreneurs must have to run a successful small business.


Passion is a critical trait that all business owners must have before launching a business. You need to be passionate about the business, the industry, and the product or service you going to provide. This will lead you dedicating the amount of time necessary to keep your business growing. And without passion, the work itself may suffer. Additionally, when you love what you do, your clients will notice based on how you communicate it to them. 

Clients want to work with and support people who are passionate about what they do. And they can tell when you have their best interest in mind, which leads them to want to keep working with you—and may even send more customers your way. 

Curiosity & Willingness to Learn

Any business owner will tell you that the inspiration to start their own business stemmed from their curiosity to do something better than it has previously been done. Being curious, and confident, about whether they can do something better, faster, and more accurately leads people to forge their own path and start their own business.

Curiosity also inherently leads to a willingness to learn, to look at things from a different perspective, and to solve new challenges that you might face. Many industries are rapidly changing and pushing the limits of what is possible. A willingness to learn, to innovate, and to solve everchanging problems is a key part of making your new business competitive, desirable, and successful.  

Goal-Oriented Mindset 

Every successful business owner in every industry sets, and strives to achieve, specific goals. If you want to own and operate your own small business, then you’ll need to be goal-oriented too. Setting goals can include a variety of objectives, like improving customer satisfaction, launching new services or products, increasing revenue, and more. But being a goal-oriented business owner is more than just setting a goal and hoping you achieve it. 

Setting goals for your business should be realistic and achievable milestones that are identified by careful planning and research. Without setting achievable goals, growing your business can seem impossible. Being goal-oriented shows others that you are both driven and have a plan to succeed.

Know The Essentials

Owning and operating a successful small business means that you need to be a great business owner. The commitment of being a successful business owner is looking at the skills and traits you have and identifying the areas you need to learn. These essential traits can help you overcome difficult challenges, while you grow your business.