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Technically Speaking: The Impact of New Technology on Title Company Ownership

Not long ago, entrepreneurs dreaming about owning a title company needed only a limited arsenal of technology in order to launch their business. At the very least, you could get by with a basic suite of Microsoft desktop tools and title production software. Fast forward to today, when having the bare minimum in terms of technology could leave your title company in the dust.

Recent years have seen significant changes in technology serving the title and settlement arena, with the emergence of various kinds of specialty software. Not to mention, customized and powerful title and production software (namely, Resware) is helping companies process orders faster, handle more closings and simplify complicated transactions. All of this translates to a better experience for clients.

While the title industry has maintained many of its traditional business practices throughout the years, title company owners who embrace new tech tools can gain an edge over their competition. That’s because the latest technological advances promote efficiency in task-based settings and support a steady workflow system between departments.

The result is that more tasks are completed in an accurate and timely manner, while transparency is enhanced as all parties involved in a real estate transaction are kept informed at every step through open and customizable communication. Ultimately, by using the tech tools at their disposal, brokers, agents and lenders can offer improved customer service to consumers.


Proliant Provides the Tech Tools Your Title Company Needs to Succeed

While the benefits of harnessing the newest title technology are clear, the associated learning curve and integration of these tools are not simple feats. In other words, most title professionals are not technology experts, nor do they have the time to learn all about the new technologies that their agency should have, much less the expertise and budget to implement them.

That’s where Proliant Settlement Systems comes in. Proliant dramatically simplifies starting, owning and operating a successful title agency — and our high tech, all-inclusive platform is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs seeking a unique franchise opportunity that eliminates the most difficult barriers to entry. Among those significant barriers is an IT infrastructure.

As a Proliant franchise owner, you’ll receive all the benefits of a fully compliant, up-to-date and secure cyber system without the up-front cost. While you’ll operate as an independent company, you’ll utilize Proliant’s comprehensive IT platform, which is scalable to your company’s size and needs and is included with your initial investment.

Proliant has an abundance of tech tools included in our program, and we keep our finger on the pulse of IT and IT security demands, constantly adopting new tools to better serve our franchisees and their customers. Since our franchisees don’t have to worry about this aspect of the industry, they can focus on their sales, closings and core services while we minimize their overhead costs.

In addition to Proliant’s IT platform, we offer a host of complementary technologies to our franchisees as a part of our program. For example, we support your title business by giving you access to cutting-edge technology tools that can simplify and safeguard the title closing process, such as online notary and payment applications, security platforms, document tracking, automatic title search and even AI capabilities.

No matter how the title industry may continue to evolve, technology will continue to be a driving force in determining how title agencies operate. By aligning your title company with Proliant, you can be sure that you’ll be outfitted with the best and latest tech tools — so you can have your full-service title company up and running before you know it.