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Is Owning Your Own Title Company Right For You?

Whether you work in the real estate industry or you’re simply a motivated entrepreneur, starting and operating a title company can help you take control of your future. While there are several steps to owning a title company, you may wonder whether or not you’d be a good fit to embark on this rewarding process.

At Proliant, we help make your dreams a reality by owning and operating a successful title company franchise. Before you take the leap, you’ll want to consider the following:

What Is Your Background?

Naturally, having a unique knowledge of the title industry can be a benefit for those interested in owning their own title company. However, those already immersed in the real estate industry are excellent candidates for title company ownership.

Anyone who is involved in the transfer of real estate knows what it takes to be successful and have worked to build relationships in the industry. These professionals include:

  • Realtor® Brokers
  • High-Producing Team Lead Realtors
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Mortgage Brokers/Lenders
  • Community Banks/Credit Unions
  • Title Professionals
  • Builders

While real estate and title company experience can reduce the training curve, through Proliant’s training program, even entrepreneurial-minded individuals who network with those in the business can succeed as a franchisee.

What Motivates You?

No matter what your area of expertise, successful franchise owners share certain qualities in common — including strong entrepreneurial resolve, focus, integrity, and dedication. Above all, they understand their business model and the primary sources of their business for their title company.

Do You Have The Resources To Succeed?

Even with the right experience, motivation, and relationships, you may encounter significant hurdles when launching a title company — including capital investments, compliance complexities, IT demands, consumer protection requirements, and more.

That’s where Proliant comes in. Our fully compliant model consists of a team of experts that provide the expertise and support you need to run a full-service title company. With the barriers to entry eliminated, you’re freed up to focus on your sales, closings, and core services.

We make your path to self-employment possible by offering:

  • IT Support – Our secure, cutting-edge IT infrastructure is scalable to your company’s size and needs and is included with your initial investment.
  • Back-Office Work – We execute critical, complex, and high-expertise tasks, from title production to processing to post-closing duties.
  • Simplified Title Research – Our experienced staff provides expert title research in a format that allows you to serve your customers efficiently and confidently.
  • Ongoing Training and Support – We provide extensive on-site formal training on a variety of subjects, and our support and reference materials are always available to you.
  • Underwriter Contract Compliance/Remittance Tracking – We handle your underwriter reporting behind the scenes and submit reports and premium revenue, on your behalf, to your underwriter.
  • Wire and Check Fraud Protection – We integrate third party software to help mitigate the risk of wire and check fraud.
  • Escrow Accounting – We balance your escrow accounts with daily reconciliation.
  • Trailing Policy Requirements – Our integrated software prompts you when policies are ready to be delivered.


Best of all, with Proliant, your brand is exclusive to you through our private-labeled franchise model— so the name on the door is yours. When you’re ready to provide full-service title solutions, we’re prepared to help you every step of the way.